Wednesday, May 18, 2011

back to blogging? yes! (...i hope)

My, has it really been since last fall since I posted?  Yes... I suppose it has.  And, I suppose too, that I know it's been that long... I just haven't had enough gumption to come over and post something.  Well, I did write a post or two, but never published them.  Maybe one day I will post them...  but for today, I think I have just enough gumption to post an update of sorts. 

Anyway, I really haven't any idea if I have readers anymore here or not... not that I ever had many to begin with, but absence really doesn't do a blogger good, know what I mean? 
So much has changed since I wrote last.  Good changes.  One being, I'm suburbanite no longer.  Nope.  No more of the concrete and convenience for me.  I'm back to my roots, back on acreage in the area I spent most of my childhood years, living it up in snazzy rubber boots (no, really, they are.  they have a pretty flower print on them), and resting under the shade of rambling oak trees (I sometimes think that Texas must have some of the loveliest trees in the whole world). 

As a matter of fact, as I write this, I sit on the back step at the back kitchen door, my back to the kitchen (I have to stay close, I've got things on the stove), my front to the beautiful breeze and beauty of the great outdoors. By my side is a proper glass of southern iced tea in a wide mouth jar and sweet strains of The Best Years of Our Lives movie soundtrack (a treat from Mom!) float on the breeze.  Our dog, Charlie, barks at squirrels... something he's been doing all day and dearly loves to do every day.  Crazy dog.   So far today, along with the duties of life such as laundry, cooking, and housework, doing secretarial work for my favorite piano tuning company, and taking care of other work related business, I've planted a row of morning glories along the front barbed wire fence line and watered the garden.   A garden that contains baby eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers; and which is waiting on the lima and green beans, watermelon, pumpkin, squash and zucchini to produce, I might add (not to mention all my herbs and flowers).   That's right friends, I, your well-meaning Miss Canbarelykeepaflowerpotalive has a garden that is growing well.  It is absolute proof that God still works miracles and answers prayers (for I did indeed make it a matter of prayer; I knew it was my only hope.). 

I like it out here, can you tell?  Not that I haven't gone through some adjustments that have been a little difficult... I have... but God is faithful.  I was afraid of the change at first, really I was.  There were many aspects to this, but partially I was afraid of reverting back to some younger version of myself (if that makes sense to anyone but me)... partially of feeling isolated... I remembered how long and hot summer days could be growing up out here... 

But, really, can one feel truly isolated when just outside your door, everything whispers of a Holy Presence?  Down to the smallest details of nature, we are pointed to a magnificent Creator God.  And His Handiwork around me reminds of the Presence within me.  Even the breeze is full of God... it's refreshment, peace, and power softly brush against your skin and an awareness steals over your heart that you are spirit to Spirit with Almighty God.  That there is not all evil, darkness and compromise in the world... that there are still wholesome, holy, and good wonders in the world to be loved and enjoyed.  It's all around us, if we will just take the time to look and notice... and to bloom wherever we may be planted.

And it is good.  And it is well with my soul. 

And that, my friends, is a wrap.  For today.  I hope to be back again real soon.  I think I will.  I like getting back into this blogging thing again.