Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

I sit in church, a holy sanctuary of mighty stained glass windows, rich oak, and worn velvet pews.  From my balcony seat I watch... the sweet elderly couples, along with the may-be widows and widowers, and families.  The middle aged bearded man in the gray suit sits at the organ, moments away from the magnificence of a grand pipe organ well played.  A great robed choir sits, waiting, ready, on call.  Bouquets of brilliant orange and yellow flowers decorate the altar, a cheery hat tip to all that is loved about autumn.  A solid prayer by the old gentleman standing at the pulpit.

The choir and organ break out into a version of Kyrie and it sounds angelic. And my eyes wander from the stained glass to the flowers, to the Christ-like pastor and the gentle congregation, and my soul drinks in the music... immersed in the beauty of the Lord reflected.  My soul and mind is washed... scoured... rinsed... the worries of the week that had been etched in my heart fade... Faded away in the presence and beauty of the Father of Lights.  I walk outside to the car, in step with the sound of musical church bells.. I feel clean and renewed.  

It's the cunning power of beauty combined with the love and word of God.  A powerful and holy combination...  it's what we need more of.  It's what I want my life to be this week to those to whom I may be the only Church they will see any time soon... of choosing beauty over hastiness... good and quality over the cheap... the shining glory of Jesus over the dull trinkets of this world.   

As the Psalmist prayed, 'May the beauty of the Lord be upon us.'  To that I give an earnest amen