Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am entryatizing again, Rebecca.

I was determined to update my blog at some point this week, and although I'm cutting it close to the wire here (as usual, deadlines and I tend to get very cozy with one another.), I do believe I'm going to make my goal!  ('cause, as you all know, writing about practically nothing is such an important goal. ha!)

I'm still working on my new gardening hobby. I am asking the Lord for a green thumb, to replace my reputation as the well-meaning-plant-killer. I know that He can do that, if I am diligent on my part- nothing is impossible (even helping me not kill plants!) with Him. ;) Last Sunday I spent all afternoon puttering in the yard, planting my new herbs, etc. I've got quite a few going, y'all, and after a week, they're all still alive! So far so good! :D I blasted Pandora classical and some Fernando Ortega music to "bless" all the neighbors with (haha), and to have a soundtrack to dig dirt by. I am a big fan of soundtracks for life... makes everything nicer when you have the right mood music, I am of the opinion. Snapped some photos and put them together on Picasa. I am also a recent fan of Picasa.

On Monday I really enjoyed having coffee with my dear friend Anna. (hello Anna! since I now know you read this)  :)    She and I are "Nutty Buddies".  We're both as nutty as the day is long, so we enjoy fellowshipping.  I've known her since she was a tot going to the nursing home with us, and now she's a beautiful member of VoH- I never knew that hiding behind that beautiful shy little girl was a fun and crazy friend!  :)  Work, nursing home, dinner with friends, another trip to Lowe's (to buy more plants. :D), an office meeting, working with real estate clients, and a menagerie of other projects and chores have been occupying my time this week. 
Today was a busy one!  Lea, Michelle and I attended our Senatorial Convention this morning, which is always fun.  I've been going to it ever since I was 16 and served as a page, and now as a delegate.   We weren't sure if we wanted to be delegates to State Convention or not, but we got bit by the bug once we were there. (there's something so amazingly patriotic about standing there with all the other grass-root Republicans, determined to stay vigilant against the assaults against our freedom.  And when the National Anthem is sung, oh friends!  I always get goosebumps.  How can you turn down an opportunity to go to State after that?  State Convention is BIGGER and BETTER.)   Anyway, then we dashed waaaay across town to a dear friend, Tara R.'s wedding shower.  I'm so delighted for her, and it's so neat to see how God was faithful to write her love story, as she totally had given the pen to Him!  Truly the Lord withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly!   (If you'd like to see a visual of God's faithfulness see here!)  He did it for her, He can do it for you!  (assuming you're a single who is reading this blog! :)  Hold out for God's best, don't lower your standards, and He will bless.  "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him."  (2 Chron. 16:9) 

I'm enjoying a few quiet moments, curled up on the couch right now though; sipping coffee, keeping warm on this very cold and wet first day of spring.  I'm settling in for a nice cozy evening at home with my precious family.  Yay for family movie nights!  

Okay, I think that's enough rambling for one entry.  I am very fond of writing rambles, if you haven't noticed, but I'll stop now.  :)  I'm really not sure if this entry makes sense, 'cause I'm tired, but I am going to post it anyway.  I'm brave like that.  ;)   (waits for Becs to snicker.) Have a great rest of the weekend, all!

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TexasLady said...

Oh, what a nice looking bunch of plants:). I like your gardening hat, very pretty.