Friday, December 30, 2011

a happiest of birthdays post

Maybe now that Christmas is over I can resume my normal haphazard schedule of blogging....  Christmastime ended up being quite the sprint!  Sometimes it takes a sister sharing their cold with you before you slow down... like in my case.  Such has forced me to be at home right now rather than with Mom and the sisters out celebrating Mom's birthday this afternoon (the aforementioned sister has not only shared her cold, but used up pretty much all the Kleenex in the house; so I have been elegantly toting around rolls of toilet paper... and Rudolph and I look like we could be first cousins)  Boo.  But, I am trying to make the most of it by indulging in my new Pinterest addiction, chatting with a few friends, reading, and resting.  And making black bean brownies (do not judge until you have tried them. besides, they are good for people with diet restrictions) in lieu of a birthday cake so that tonight we can party like homeschool rock stars for Mom's birthday (which of course will include dinner, brownies, and an old movie... a great way to spend any evening).

Speaking of Mom's birthday, I should very much like to take a few moments to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!, from my laptop to hers.  Mom is quite the special lady... I really appreciate that she takes time for the little things, like encouraging people, chatting with the cashier at the store, looking at the sunset, or any other small thing that is important.  Most importantly, she helps us all keep our priorities in order, remembering what's big and what's not in the light of eternity.  Mom was quite the artist, pre-homemaking days, and still is... but her art has shifted from pencil and paper to hearts and home, and I am blessed to be a beneficiary.  Most importantly, Mom loves Jesus, pure and simple.  And did I mentions she's my favorite coffee buddy?  'Cause she is.  I hope I can be the sort of mom she is one day... it's a high aspiration, but I'm blessed to know that I have her wise council and as a mentor, friend, and example all along the way.

~Mom and I, Christmas 2011~

I hope to write again soon because I wrote hardly anything of what I wanted to and now I have to go help with dinner.   Love to all, ~M


Beloved's Bride said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, Marianna.

A lovely tribute to your Momma! She is so beautiful. You are a very blessed lady! Happy Birthday, Mrs. Amelia.

Amelia said...

Awwww.... Marianna. This was the sweetest thing ever. Thank you dear one, and may this year hold more great memories,taking time to notice the beautiful handiwork of the Lord and great coffee too.

Here-here! To my coffee buddy! The best in the world! : D

Love you bunches!!! ~Mom