Tuesday, January 17, 2012

on my mind this cloudy tuesday

I've been thinking about:

-Decisions.  Many decisions about my life and job direction.  Like a tangled knotted necklace chain, each knot is individual and complex, but yet they all connected and contingent on another.

-About how some people have their eyeballs in backwards.  They challenge me not to give in to my natural tendency to do the same. 

-About how some people have such mature and beautiful perspectives on things, and life.  They (some are my dear blog buddies) challenge me to see the world through shades of their lovely colors. 

-About how some people make me feel like I should apologize to them before I ever open my mouth, but then how I realize that it might be them that has more of a problem than me, and how life is too short to spend worrying about offending people that surround themselves with eggshells and require that you not step on any of them.  Do you know how hard it is not to step on eggshells when they are all over the place??  For this too-honest-for-her-own-good-at-times gal it is very hard.  So, I joyfully quit.  But, I do ask the Lord to help me to be more gentle... and more careful to consider how other people were raised, life experiences, etc., and how it makes them respond the way they do.  

-I think about how thankful I am for the dear friends with whom I enjoy candid, honest, and edifying  colloquy (isn't that a great word??).

-About how I love the warm, vibrant, enthusiasm of my family.   

-About how I need to revise the little white Christmas tree here in my room from a Christmas tree to a Valentine tree.  

-About how I need to start managing my time better and wrapping up those ever nagging to-do list stragglers. Somewhere along the way, last year I guess it was, I fell off that bandwagon and I don't feel like I get near as much done as I did when I had twice as much on my plate as I do now.  Or, maybe it's just that I don't need that much grace now, because I was, in reality, working myself silly back then.  

-About how I really should start blogging more.  (again, the time management issue haunts me)  And being a blogger-perfectionist less. 

-About how I need to make a list of all the sewing projects that I need to finish, and then finish them.  

-About my natural tendency to be self-reliant.  And how that is sin.  And how I should hourly be reminding myself that it is only through God's grace and strength that I can do anything worthwhile.  

-About the GOP debate last night and how it was the best one yet.  I so love election years.  

-About how I really should shut up now and go work on those nagging to-dos.  


Ryan said...

A valentine tree? Really?

Speak the truth in love. Sometimes people need a little roughing up, just to get the blood flowing.

Beloved's Bride said...

A valentine tree is fantastic!

And, yes you do need to blog more! Only because I am a little bit selfish -- I like to read your post! ;)

Amelia said...

Yes,you really should blog more so we can read it! : )

Oh dear me Marianna...I know the topography so to speak... Live for the Lord, live blamelessly and don't worry about the rest. Stay sweet with a pure heart,ask God for guidance, have fun with those who love you. I know I for one appreciate everything you do! : )

Eggshells? Better than squishing sour grapes. Eggshells crackle when you stomp'em. Much more fun.: )

xxxoooo love, ~Mom

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Dear Marianna,
I just read your last three posts and your writing leaves me speechless. So many good things to take in. You have a flair for expression, you know. I have missed stopping by to read. Life tends to get cumbersome if we're not careful. I'll try to do better now that my book is published.

The picture of you and your mom is priceless, the smiles a dead give-away of your love and devotion.

Love your name for the year 2011. I'll have to ponder some of your great to-do list. You encourage me to do better with scheduling. I do have two book signings in Mississippi in March! I made business cards, flyers, a press release, bookmarks and postcards! Now if I can just sell some books!

Please write more soon. You and your Mom are my favorites!

Love in bunches!