Friday, August 31, 2012

The Liebster Award ('thank you, thank you very much.' )

My good friend, Ryan, over at The Man Who Would Be Knight blog has bequeathed me with an award. The Liebster Award.  How very nice indeed.  I am quite quite honored.  No one seems to know exactly what the award means, or why it is awarded, but we are all deeply honored to receive it, nonetheless. 

This is, however, an award with responsibilities, ones which I do not take lightly.  They go something like this:  
-List 7 or 11 random things about yourself
-Answer the 7 or 11 random questions asked by the awarder (yes, I do like to make up words).
-Pass the award on to 7 or 11 people who have under 200 followers, and
- make up your own 7 or 11 random questions for them to answer.  

So, are you ready? 

Seven Random Facts about yours truly: 

1) I tend to notice hands. (could be because i grew up in an Italian family that can't talk without them) They often tell things about the person attached to them. 

2) I get a sort of high from being at the airport.  The buzz of being in the bustle of movement and anticipation, combined with the constant flow of unique people to watch makes it a fun place, in my opinion. 

3)  I have a fascination with courtrooms and law.  The closest I can trace it to watching movies like Twelve Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird as a child.  I am looking forward to the day when I will actually get picked to be on a jury.  Every great once in a while I entertain thoughts of becoming a lawyer. 

4)  Random pieces of conversation cause me to break out into randomly related songs or movie quotes, more often than the average person, according to my sisters.  My sister, EDNA, thinks this is so strange. 

5)  I am a political junkie.  I look forward to election years like a football junkie looks forward to the Super Bowl.  During election seasons, most days don't go by without my tuning in to talk radio, which is where I get the majority of my news from. 

6)  While cleaning the kitchen, sometimes I throw my dignity and worries to the wind and embrace my inner Broadway Star, complete with all-out singing and dancing to fun music.  It's ridiculous (so the "you're weird" looks all my sisters give me indicate).  But it's always fun. 

7)  I found out today that I am an INFJ brain type.  What's yours?

Now for the very intellectual questions posed by The Man Who Would Be Knight:

1) Do we, in fact, need more cowbell?  

Oh, YES, by all means.  It's exactly what the world needs. 

2) To be or not to be?

That would depend entirely on what you wanted to be or what you wanted not to be.  I for one, want to be, and so I would say, by all means, be.  Unless of course it is wrong.  In that case, most definitely do not be. 

3) If you had the time, what would you learn?

Many many things... how to speak Italian is near the top.  If you included both time and money, the list would be endless... and it would include learning how to fly an airplane (so that my next career could be a crop duster pilot, obviously).

4) What does your blog mean to you?

My blog is a haven of sorts where I can put my thoughts on virtual paper... a bit of a luxury that I afford myself when I carve out extra time. A blog evolves from time to time... but for now It's a place to sort or share my thoughts.
5) What is the first thing you are going to do when you get to heaven?

Fall on my face, probably. 

6) If you had a super power, what would it be?

To fly.  Reading minds would be nice too... womens intuition is only so reliable.  

7) How many roads must a man walk down?

That all depends on where and how far he wants to go.

Now, my turn to ask YOU. 

1)  What aspect of life do you view as hardest? 

2)  What instrument would you like most to play?

3)  What retro sitcom character do you most identify with?  (i.e. Lucy?  Ethel? Laura Petry?  Rob Petry?  Mr. Muenster? etc.?  :)  

4)  There was a dish in China called "The Most Delicious Dish", which turned the conversation to what each cook considered their "most delicious dish"...  what dish are you famous for among your family and friends?  
5)  Do you like to solve problems at night or in the morning?

6)  What is your favorite way to start your mornings?

7)  If you could visit any country, which would it be?  

I humbly pass this award on to: 

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But I really would love to hear answers to this randomosity from any gentle reader or sweet friend who happens upon this post, tagged or not, blogger or not (blogging in a comment is acceptable in this case, most definitely).  :)

Thanks again to Ryan for a good excuse for a lightheartedly fun post!

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Amelia said...

Oh what a nice surprise Marianna! Oh what a sweet pick-me-up this fine Sunday. : )

I'll look over this a bit more closely with the questions and things soon (as soon as this pesky Claritin wears off!)

Love, ~Mom xxxooo