Sunday, January 3, 2010

update schnupdate.

Oh dear... I'm afraid getting a new blog hasn't helped me to be a better blogger y'all.  :P  In my defense, life has been downright busy lately with the holiday season.   But still, I really am trying to get back into the swing of blogging.

So, let's see... where are we?  Ah yes... 2010.  It sounds so spaceageish... but it's not as weird as it sounds... at least not yet anyway.  We'll see what the rest of the year holds. :P

New Years Resolutions, anyone?  Every year I make  a nice list of things I need to work on or do... this year was no different, although the list was quite long.  Unfortunately, when I was writing my list this year, I was in a very rested and energetic mood (unlike last year, where I penned down about four things and gave up in weary exhaustion at the thought of having to work on one. more. thing.) and made my list quite long.. but as I wrote, and the list got longer, I started freaking myself out- "oh dear, Self, how are we going to get all this stuff done?  Time is never enough as it is..."  But then... it was brought to mind, the words of Jesus to Martha... "one thing you have need of."   There is only one thing I really need to concentrate on accomplishing: sitting at His feet daily and hearing His words.   Aaah yes.  Suddenly, doing the whole grown up life thing seemed so much more doable.  :)

My mom gave me a devotional book for Christmas that I am really enjoying; it's called "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young  I highly recommend it!  Also, from my mom, a beautiful journal that I've dedicated soley to using during my morning devotion time to record whispers of the Still Small Voice.  Friends, it's been such a refreshing thing, lately, to quiet my heart and mind before Him and just receive His love, instruction, and encouragement.  Relationship is a two way street, and it's so important that we slow down our inner pace and hear what He has to say to us... I've shared with many of you how I've struggled recently with slowing down my inner pace- even when my body is still and quiet, my mind is often still going sixty miles a minute... Sitting expectantly before the Lord with a pen and journal in my hand has really helped me with that.  My time with Him is the very best part of every day.  :)

Okay, I was going to write more here, but I think I've said enough for today.  I need to get some reading, sewing, and letting writing done this afternoon yet... yup- those are some of my resolutions of things I need to work on, and I think I would do well if I could keep up some acceleration till at least January 3rd, don't you think?  ;)

a few Christmas pics below~ 

Christmast Eve...

Mom and us... 

Mom and Dad~

 From Lea, to me... it's kinda one of those presents that you just had to be there... ;)

 My two grandmas~ Mom's mom on the left, Dad's mom on the right.  :)

I.. uh... kinda helped my grandma become the Christmas Queen with the help of her new Snuggie.  ;)

Dad got jealous and wanted to try it on too...

Every year, it is traditional that my Aunt Olivia and I pass out the presents.. It's an honored job (in my mind) and it's the closest I ever get to being an elf...  haha

Dad and his gals...

Wishing you all a happy and blessed new year.  :)

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chaiisgood said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog! Looks like you had a good Christmas time. Hope you are making headway on those resolutions.