Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Labor Day 2011~

It's been a wonderful holiday.  One of the best days I've had in a long time, and for no paticuliar reason... except that the Lord is really good to me.

We have the rare privilage of a cool front in early September, so the weather was beautiful outside.  A much welcome respite from all the triple digit temps.  I spent as much of it as I could out of doors... I trimmed rose bushes, helped till manure in garden beds, steered an invalid tractor that was being towed, and drove around and a healthy one...I made two pies and a lot of hummus, swung on the swing and felt the breeze brush my skin, sat around the table with my family and grandma and talked about nothing important, and I washed dishes.  Lots and lots of dishes (the person who gets dishes on holidays is always pitied; today it was me. but I am thankful for two hands and Chore Boy brand scrubbies.)  To top off the pie coffee, and walk, we watched half an old movie about the life of Will Rogers.  Who says I don't live an exciting life?

 I carried a camera around with me, some of the time, to capture the day. 

Becs (17) enjoying both the swing and the breeze with me this morning.

I saw this beautiful butterfly sipping from the lilacs.  Butterflies are special to me... they signify new life and new things.

Muppet (21), and Laf (28) in the kitchen working on our festive meal.  We were tired of traditional Labor Day food and went for something a bit more unique... Greek food.  Yum.

Dad and I tried to get things ready for a fall garden.  We're determined not to let the cows and deer get the best of us.

Dad held (and used!) my camera while I moved the tractor.  I really really love driving the tractor.  If I could learn how to work on them (and cars), I'd *really* be a delighted.

Becs made homemade pita bread... I made the hummus.  It was rather good, if we do say so ourselves.

Coconut cream pie and chocolate cream pie.  I have to say, I used this recipe for the coconut cream pie, and it's highly recommended!  (I used less sugar than called for and it was still good)

We sat outside to soak in the weather, and enjoy dinner music brought to us by the way of an ipod and speaker.

Mom and Muffie.  :)
This is my grandma (Mom's mom)... true to the Italian Rules, she talks with her hands.

Grandma and Muppet

Laf and I.

The Lord sure does fill my life with good things.

This verse has been running through my head all day:

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."  (Mat. 11:28-30)

That is true rest... and all the things that make us so tired (not the good sort of tired, but the worn down sort), perhaps it's because it is not a part of His yoke for us at all... perhaps it is expectations that either we place on ourselves, or that we feel our culture and society expects of us... Perhaps, if we really will come to Him and cross-examine what it is that's making us tired, we really will find rest for our souls.  And we will, because He promises.  It has certainly proven true in my own heart and I am thankful.

Goodnight all.  I hope to catch up with everyone via comments and reading  real soon.   Life has been hectic but this week will hopefully be slower.  Please pray for Texas folks... we're in a very bad drought and families are losing their homes in all the wildfires (some not very far from where I live)...  pray that hearts are turned to the Lord through it all, and for rain.

May the Lord bless and keep you!


Amelia said...

Oh Marianna! This is cute! I'm so glad you grabbed a pic of Rebecca. She's a toughie to get on camera! : )

Now, anyone reading this? You all must know that the glamorous shot of Marianna on the tractor? It was taken in between an accidental "wheelie" and she going round and round the house at full speed while mom watched a sweet smirk turn to panic...Yes missy, I saw the whole thing and I'm the one who ran and got Dad to rescue you. Yep, that silver hair flew out the door at lightening speed. Yes indeedie. Marianna, you are something else gal. *chuckle*

Oh that food was good too...You all did a wonderful job,I just had a slice of the chocolate pie. I couldn't resist, and you know me, I normally resist the sugar. Such is life eh?

Praying for the fires, spiritual and physical. Smoke literally in the air.

Enjoyed the blog Marianna,
Love, ~Mom

Beloved's Bride said...

Oh, My! I knew the fires were terrible and close but I didn't know that they were almost in your back yard! I have been praying. We have several friend that live in Texas and dealing with the smoke.

I adore all your pictures! I like mowing the lawn too. But, I have never done a wheelie. However, when I had a farm and lived on the lake, I would get stuck in mud a good bit. My poor Beloved would just shake his head and go get the chains. I always just smiled sweetly! ;)

We are extremely busy here too. But, we had a really nice Labor Day with out too much laboring!

Jane B. Gaddy said...


Praying for your safety and for those around you. I couldn't help but love that your governor put his concern for the people of Texas before his political ambitions. We don't see much of that. Lord, let it rain on Texas!

Loved the pictures. You guys are not the ordinary household. I love what I see. Everybody smiles, lots of love, delicious-looking food, especially the coconut pie! Oh, my!

You have great insight to Matt. 11. We don't always dig deeper for that nugget so necessary for our spiritual needs. True rest!

Keep blessing us, Marianna.
I thank God for you!
Love and hugs,

auntie said...

Now all you need to do is learn to herd cows! Driving the tractor is fun. The first time that I drove one was when my husband and I were courting. He promised me that there was nothing that could go wrong. I immediately burried the drags that I was pulling. He had to go get a bigger tractor to pull me out. Famous last words.

Marianna said...

Mom, hehe! Actually, I wasn't really panicked, I just needed to ask Dad how to turn it off... so I thought I'd enjoy my ride by circling the house. :D As for the near 'wheelie' incident (ahem!), Dad forgot to tell me ease off the clutch after switching gears. :D Ah, that was a fun day indeed. :)

Mrs. Carmen, mowing really is rather relaxing! When I was younger I used to hit things from time to time with the mower... like wells and trees and things. Thankfully I am a bit better of a driver now!

Thank you for your precious comment, as always, Mrs. Jane!

Mrs. K- so glad to see you have a blogspot!! I do need to learn to herd cows- you are right about that! :D What a fun story... I'm sure he was probably glad to come to your rescue though! ;)