Wednesday, October 19, 2011

early morning thoughts...

It's much to early to be up but I wasn't sleeping well and sometimes the best thing to do is just get up.   These wee hours find our kitten, Marilla, in a decidedly (and unusually, I should add) docile mood and snuggled up beside me.  Peppermint tea sits steaming from one of my favorite mugs.

I think back to last week, when for three seperate days I left the house early, when the autumn moon was still high above the tree line, for a long 2 hr plus drive not counting a good dose of big city traffic thrown in.  A dear friend of mine, and some of her sisters, teach itinerant (at the student's home) piano lessons, and since they were out of town, they asked if I could fill in, which I was delighted to do.  The Lord showed Himself so faithful to me during those three days in a lot of ways, but one of the most special was a Divine Appointment with "Nana".

One of families I taught I had five children in the family, four of whom take lessons.  The mother passed away unexpectedly this year, and their grandmother, "Nana", has been caring for and homeschooling them all since.  My heart went out to these children, and on my way out, I began chatting a bit with the grandmother.

"Oh, call me Nana, everybody does!" she insisted.  Then, I found out her husband had just died a year or two ago... her daughter this year, and now she as an older lady was playing the role of "mom" for a very active household.  It could wear a young person out.  I searched her face and voice for negative emotions... and found none.  Instead, this lady who's been through so much, was glowing with the joy and presence of the Lord.

"Jesus said He came that we might have life! and have it more abundantly!  and that our joy might be full!  We just have to call out that joy that Jesus said is in us through Him!" she excitedly and animatedly shared.

She went on to share about how precious her "hour of power" (time with the Lord in the morning) is, and how He gives her strenght even when she is most tired.  This lady is going through so much, but yet she is one of the most joyful people I've met in a long time.  What a blessing!

I needed to have this edifying conversation with this saintly lady, and I knew it.  Except... 15 mins passed... then 30.  Then almost 45. And we were still fellowshipping in the kitchen.  And I still had about four other families with multiple students on my route... and for an itinerant piano teacher, it's a domino effect if you get behind and it can be a disaster.  And I knew I was getting seriously behind and that this could be bad.  Real bad.  But, I knew I was supposed to be having that conversation, and I knew that I could trust the Lord to work out the rest of my schedule. 

After the last edifying word, promises to pray for each other, and a hug, I got in the car and called the next family on my route... they were fine with my being late.  I called the next person.... who wanted to know if it might be a double blessing to both of us to cancel their lesson for that day?  Would it!?!  That got me exactly back on track, and I was able to finish the day as planned.  Does God know what He is doing, or does He not?   I believe God wants us to walk by faith and not be sight, even in the small things, like a day's schedule.  Perhaps mostly in the small things, actually, because only when we learn the small things will get move on to bigger.

I drove home that night when the moon adorned the autumn sky again, and only the russet hues of the last whispers of sunset remained... and I praised God, Who does all things well.  We can trust Him today... even in the smallest things.  That's the beauty of being dependent.

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Aaress said...

"We can trust Him today... even in the smallest things. That's the beauty of being dependent."

Ahh, my friend. I needed to be reminded of this wonderful truth this morning. Thank you!!! Have a blessed day!!!