Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bullet Point Blogging... I like it.

-You know, I've decided I rather like this bullet point blogging thing.  I think I'm going to stop apologizing for it and embrace it. 

-Last night an old friend came over to visit our family.  It's so refreshing to see an old friend and realize how much they've matured and grown in the Lord, rather than being disappointed that they've let their standards slip... it's rare these days.

-It is raining right now as I sit here at the office, and I didn't bring any semblance of an umbrella.  And I have to show a house this afternoon.  This could be interesting.  Perhaps they will be wearing the 'drowned mouse' style as well... or perhaps the rain will pause for me.  Either way, I am not complaining; we've been in drought and I'm thankful.

-I should like very much to dedicate a bullet point to pasta sauce.  Actually, to the true old world Italian it would be called pasta gravy, but to the average American it is generally referred to as sauce.   Yesterday, when preparing dinner for the aforementioned guest, I started to make my gravy (or sauce).  I must have left my brain at home when I went to the grocery store the other day, because I didn't buy several of the ingredients I needed for the meal, one being cans of tomato paste.  Tomato paste is essential to good sauce.  My great-grandmother was Queen of Pasta Gravy and her secret recipe has been passed down to us, and I take joy and pride in executing sauce that she would be proud of.  I frantically searched the pantry shelves for a possibly hidden can some place, but all I found was diced tomatoes and Ragu (confession: we keep jar-sauce on hand for quick meals, but we always have to doctor them up a bit).  The nearest grocery store is about twenty minutes away, so it was make do or do without.  Sauce from a jar without even tomato paste to fix it up with for the family is bad enough, but the thought of serving a guest sauce from a jar was disgraceful.  But I had no choice and it pained me to do it: I opened that jar, said a prayer, and poured it in.  I added the diced tomatoes I had and some other things,  trying to cover up any hint of Raguish flavor, attempting to save the reputation of the Italian cooks in my family.  And you know what?  It worked.  It simmered  so long and I added so much to do, that I really think it was okay.   Not that fate should be tempted regularly by attempting to serve sauce partially from a jar to a guest, but it proves one thing:  God's grace extends to kitchen mishaps and adventures.  

-Now, the homemade ice cream we tried to make after dinner... that was another story entirely... it was vanilla soup when I put it in the maker, and it was still vanilla soup when I took it out.  You can't win 'em all I suppose.   (The other day I made you aware of my complete incompetence in making caramel sauce, and being the foodie and kitchen person that I am, it humbles me to admit these failures, which is exactly why I am writing about them.  Confession is good for the soul. and the ego (it shrinks it significantly).)  

-I am thankful for:  ego shrinking experiences.  the rain that is pouring outside my window.  good books.  laptop computers.  laughter that is shared.  wholesome things.  pens that write smoothly.  a God who does not allow my foot to be caught in a snare.  God's peace.


Jane B. Gaddy said...


I just read the last three posts. To be honest, I'm overwhelmed by the things you write and the way you express yourself. I taught British and American lit. to college freshmen and would have given anything to have them write a paper like you post to your blog! You have been well taught, my dear friend. And... I would never have thought to relate "the invisible things" to the dress rehearsal for eternity. Such a great choice of words. And the paradox in that same scripture... perishing and being renewed, and temporary and eternal. And your little white piece of paper upon which you wrote "Dance to the Light"— so that you'll not entertain darkness. And like that beautiful classic... "Favorite Things" ... a God who does not allow my foot to be caught in a snare.

You finished my day with a four-point blessing! Thanks for that!

Amelia said...

A great blog Marianna...I have been laughing outloud when reading your blogs, they are so funny to me because they are so true! Oh my! *smiling* Your way with words is just so funny to me!

Wow. No tomato paste? (Said like the famous...) "You don't eat meat?" ; ) I had no idea last night! It tasted like it had paste! You never cease to amaze me. Yep, you really do have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch up with Marianna. <3

"A God that does not allow my foot to be caught in a snare. God's peace." Amen Amen Amen.

Love you, xxxooo ~Mom

Marianna Rose said...

Mrs. Jane, I consider your comment quite an honor- thank you!! If there's anything good in my blogging, it is certainly because of the Lord, but I'm so blessed to know it might have blessed you! You are certainly a blessing to me- thank you for that!!

Thank you, Mom!! I'm glad it made you laugh- I know you can relate, that's for sure! Your comment made me laugh too. :D Well, I guess the secret ingredient to the sauce was prayer, and that makes up for a lot of lack- even tomato paste! ;) I really appreciate your sweet comment. I love you!! <3