Monday, July 25, 2011


I find the need to use bullet points today... it will be impossible for me to both write anything fluid and write anything at all today, so I chose to just write something at all, hence the bullet points.  Whether it'll be worth reading at all remains yet to be seen, and even then, surely up for debate.

-Today is Christmas in July.  I am  a firm believer in celebrating it.  I made a Christmas dinner of sorts, and pumpkin pie.  And blasted Christmas music too.  Christmas music might even be more enjoyable in the summer than at actual Christmas time, if it were possible.  I love the way my family loves this too.

-After the aforementioned dinner, I tried my hand at making a homemade caramel sauce.  It was quite possibly the worst caramel sauce I've ever had.  Horrible.  I think I might have burnt it, or perhaps it was something strange from the brand new wooden spoon (yeah, that's it- I'll blame it on the wooden spoon), but it was bad.  The saving grace was that my dad thought it was the near best thing he'd had all day (he always has liked slightly burnt cookies- I guess the same goes for his caramel sauce), and if he liked it, than it wasn't a total fail.  

-Today I am thankful for running water (especially after the well went out for a while this afternoon), air condition, cars that get us where we need to go, parents who love the Lord, and quiet grocery stores (I so enjoy grocery shopping), and fingers (we shouldn't take them for granted, you know- they would be so hard to live without). 

- I drove to the grocery store in Small Town today...  down the long straight road into town, I saw just a handful of cars pass the opposite direction.  The quiet is nice.  And I love the way the drivers of the oncoming vehicles lift a friendly hand to wave on the country roads out here.  Obviously, that never happens in the city.

-Today I sought the Lord for guidance about what to share with my girls' group on Wednesday.  It is hard to know what is best to share sometimes, you know?  So much could be said, but what should be said is what is hard to decipher sometimes.  But, God always shows me in time... but rarely without struggle.  But, the struggle is good too.

-At least once a day I think of a topic I'd like to hammer out into a blog post or a journal page.  It rarely happens.  Either I'm too busy or too tired.  I want to change this, as writing helps keep me sane. Hence, my two week idea.  This past winter I tried the 750 word for 30 days challenge (, and the time I didn't finish my post before midnight and it messed up my record, I stopped.  I think that perhaps I could handle two weeks, and no word limit (after all, is it really worth storming the cluttered corners of your mind, just to fill up a word quota?)  I'm going to try it.  I apologize in advance for any poor readers who happen to stumble across this discipline for the next two or three weeks (really, I'm thankful that I have very few readers).  Doing this self-challenge will do a few things for me: keep me from being perfectionistic with blogging; keep my creative juices flowing; and hopefully glorify the Lord some way.  I especially hope for the latter...

-I should go to sleep now; it's been a rather long day, but a good one over all.  God is so very good.  He gives so much grace, and I praise Him for that.  Goodnight, all.


Ryan said...

I, for one, look forward to reading more writing from you.

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Love the bullet points. And love your blog. So unique. So poignant with sweet choice of words that flow freely. Like how you list your favorite things including Christmas in July, which I started a couple of weeks ago myself with the CD Christmas Mix my grandson made me several years ago. Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song." Oh, how I love that!

You seek the Lord... He shows you in time... But rarely without a struggle. How true that is in everything we do that's worthwhile. And when we think we're alone in the struggle, we learn that someone else is going through it, too. How blessed we are to be doing life together with so many brothers and sisters who know and love our same dear Savior.

Blessings this Christmas-in-July evening, Marianna.
Jane BG

Marianna Rose said...

That's very kind of you to say, Ryan- thank you. I always enjoy your blogs, that's for certain.

Mrs. Jane, I know for sure now that you are a kindred spirit! you love Christmas in July too! And Nat's The Christmas Song! I have to admit, I repeated that one a few times on our mix CD as well. ;)
Your comments are always so encouraging- thank you so much for your words! They mean so much to me, I'm sure you don't know how much.