Saturday, July 30, 2011

-It's after 1am, and I'm just now getting time to write... thankfully this everydaywritingfortwoweeks challenge isn't based on time technicalities; otherwise I'd be a goner. 

-At church on Sunday the pastor said something I've been thinking about all week.. he told a story about a teacher from back in his seminary days.  About how he had cancer, and how he would tell his class to close their books, because he was just going to share about the Lord Jesus.  What a rich time that was, Pastor H. shared.  "He was a dying man and he knew it."  That sentence struck me. We are all dying; no one lives forever.  Most of us live like we don't know it though.  How differently would I live if I kept at the forefront of my mind that time is short... if I spoke and lived as a dying woman who knew it?  (I don't mean to be morbid, really, I don't, but I do pray for eternity to be stamped on my eye... and none of us live forever- "life is but a vapor"

-I got to enjoy a rainbow and coffee- at the same time this morning!  What a great way to start the day it was!  His promises are true!  A lovely illustration that when you have Light in your soul, and clouds of trials storm, what comes of it?!  Rainbows! because of God's promises and grace!  Beautiful!

-It was such a precious evening tonight- I got to fellowship with five of my favorite people.  Will share more about that another day when I am not going on coffee fumes.

-I'm thankful for:  Godly fellowship- it is rare these days, but it makes it all the more precious when you find it.  for the power that is in the name of Jesus.  for pets... they really do enrich life.  for my sister Lea... it really is such a joy, the close bond that we share- I love how we spur each other on to Jesus... and how we laugh together about everything.

-Lea is turning out her light before me tonight; she says that this is a momentous occasion (she is a night owl, I am not) and that I should write it down someplace (so I am dedicating a bullet point to the occasion).  She goes on to say that she likes this blog challenge, not only because I am up as long as her to keep her company, but also because I'm pushing "the rules of oldmaidhood" by staying up so late.  So kind of her to say.

-Rest in Jesus, all.  Goodnight.


Ryan said...

Pushing the rules of oldmaidhood! LOL. Hermits in the ancient Church used to keep skulls on their desks to remind themselves that they were going to die. A Samurai in an old Japanese story used to hang his sword above his pillow by a very slender thread and stare at it until he fell asleep every night. Far from being morbid,I think the acceptance of death is the key to living a full and Godly life. Or maybe, not so much death, as Heaven. If you can live so that you can die this minute without hesitation or regret, what else is their to fear?

Amelia said...

I'm hoping you'll keep blogging everyday even after 2 weeks! I like reading them! : ) They are a delight, I look forward to them, they are like finding a chocolate Easter egg in my blogbox!

I too was - am going to blog and call it "Storms With Rainbow Included" or something of the sort... Yes, I received the same memo from the Lord. Rainbows are very special to our family sure enough. : ) I'm so torn on when to blog what to blog etc. Frustrating for me.

But I sure am enjoying your entries, I do say you are a dedicated blogger! You must have been exhausted!

It is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday and we will have fun and eat food. ; ) And make food too!

Cheers to the best grocery store buddy ever!

Love, ~Mom

Marianna Rose said...

Oh, Ryan, I like those ideas! Not that I'm quite ready to hang a sword over my bed, ha, but I really like the concept. It truly puts things in perspective. You're right, an eternal perspective really IS the key to living a full and Godly life. I heard a story this week about St. Francis (I think it was), and he was out planting his garden. Two ladies walked up to him and asked him what he'd do if knew he was going to die in the next 10 minutes. His reply was that he'd hoped he could get his garden row finished. He was that sure he was living in God's perfect will. I loved that!!

Mom, I really appreciate your comment as always, it's always an honor. Late at night, you just never know if you're going to wake up the next morning and wonder why in the world you put something that didn't make sense on the world wide web. :P I look forward to reading your blog about the rainbow- your entries are always so poignant and heart felt. I know that the Lord will show you what and when to post as you walk in step with Him.

Yay for making and eating food, and having fun together! Hooray! ;) We didn't make it to the grocery store today for jam things, but we'll do it this week, by golly! <3

Amelia said...

Yes we will eat food and make food and go to the little store and have a jolly good time indeed! Every day's a holiday and every meal a feast.

xxxooo ~Mom

Jane B. Gaddy said...

You people bless me, no end! Including Ryan!

Marianna Rose said...

Likewise, Mrs. Jane!! You're like a beam of Sonshine whenever you come to comment.