Sunday, July 31, 2011

-I cleaned my room today, this fine Saturday.  Every time I clean it, afterwards I decide that there simply is no other room to have but a clean room and of course I will keep it like that from 'this day forward'. But then.... all the books that I am in the middle of reading or want to read start accumulating.  The lesson I'm planning for some girls group or another is becoming the foundation for a paper-pile.  There's a pile of material and a pattern that sits, because I determine that that week I'm going to tackle it, but no time today.  My sister drops mail in my room that needs to be gone through.  My stationary gets left out because I'm in the middle of writing notes to people.  The books and notebook for my herbal course are left out, so I won't forget to study.  The same goes for the music theory course I'm working on.  Piano music that I need or want to play is sitting out.  Bobby pins and hair clips get scattered here and there.  And did I mention that I have a bad habit of leaving my shoes around?  Picking up after myself is such a chore.  Keeping my room uncluttered and neat is a struggle for me, it always has been (I would blame it on temperament, but it's really just a matter of diligence, I think).  It's a besetting sin that I have to constantly fight against.  I've improved a lot, but I still have to work on it.  I know the biggest problem is that I constantly have so many projects going on at once, but I've really just got to do better.   Anyway, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor right now- an orderly, fresh and clean room.  :)  I asked the Lord to please give me the energy (I've been low energy as I've been trying to get well, so annoying!) to help me get things in order today- and He did!  He cares about these things, you know? 

-One of my main battles in life is against accumulative stacks of paper and clutter.  At least it feels that way sometimes.

-Chai Sweet Coconut Thai decaf   tea is a wonderful way to end the day.  Especially if you add cream and honey.

-I gave our new kitten a bath today.  She is currently planning a diabolical plan to get revenge on me tonight while I'm sleeping, I just know.  I could tell the way she looked at me, squinted her eyes and pinned her ears down as I blowdried her fur, that she wasn't about to let this disgrace go unpunished.  She already tries to eat our fingers off as it is; it's probably just the beginning.  I told Lea that perhaps if we tried and raised her like a dog, and named her "Puppy", she would act like one.  Lea wisely pointed out that the problem is that she is 110% cat.  Perhaps even more than the average purring fur friend.  As a matter of fact, while I write this, she is running around my room, pouncing on anything and everything, and if I allowed her, she would be taking bites out of my feet.  We try blowing in her face to train her not to bite, but pretty soon you start feeling like what ol' Methusala might feel like trying to blow out his birthday candles; it just makes her more determined to take a bite out of us.  But, all in all, we really do love her.  Really, I do.  Sometimes grace comes in the form of a stray kitten, and that's what she has been in so many ways... grace for the journey. 

"I am loved and I know it.

Biting people wears a body out.

we're debating between calling her "Marilla" or "Scout", still.
Marilla the Hun


Beloved's Bride said...

She is precious! And, looks a little naughty! ( giggle.) My cat is an old maincoon. He is a little bit naughty when he wants to lay in the middle of my warm clean clothes! But, smart as a whip for doing so.. I love warm clothes too.

The name Marilla seems to fit her well. Did you decide?

Marianna Rose said...

Oh, yes! you are a good judge of character- she IS naughty! And it makes her so entertaining. ;)

Mostly she gets call "The Hun" (she's such a little terror most of the time!), but I think we are probably going to end up calling her Marilla (two sisters like it, two don't. :P) It's really silly to be taking so long to decide at this point!

TexasLady said...

Oh, do Marilla! : )

I just read this post, the pictures of her are so cute.