Tuesday, July 5, 2011

more thoughts on nourishing the soul...

Several months back I was sitting at my favorite Starbucks on evening.  It was still winter and it was cold.  I sat at a small table by the window, Bible and journal nearby, trying to sort out my jumbled thoughts by tapping them into some kind of order via the word processor on my laptop.  I sipped coffee... I watched the couple in front of me, meeting with a photographer to talk about their upcoming wedding.  People coming in and out, in a hurry.  I stared out the window at the beautiful white lights that lined the trees that lined the street.  The cold night and my solitary little table was warmed by the gorgeousness of those lights on the bare branches against the dark sky.  They lined the small street like so many golden arches, magical almost.  I sipped and stared, dazzled, blessed by them.

My reverie was inturrupted by a tiny little girl with black hair and dark eyes crying out, "It's beautiful!  Mommy, Mommy, I want to show you something beautiful!" She was standing by the window, her hands cupped around her face at the window, gazing, like me, at the fairy-lit trees lining the dark little street across from us.  I turned back to my coffee and smiled.  "Mommy!", another urgent cry came.  The mother was busy chatting with the friend at their table, but kindly answered, "Hold on, dear, I don't want to get up right now and I'm trying to finish my coffee."  This little lover of beauty was not to be thus easily put off.  "Okay.. but, just come here a minute and look!"  This time the mother answered, "okay, let me look."  

"Close your eyes!  Okay.  Look that way.  Open your eyes."   Effective pause.  "Isn't it beautiful?!?"

"Awesome!  Now..."  and so the adult conversation resumed.

Adults... so many times, we just.... don't...  get it. Not at all, for all our life experience and education of 18 years plus.  I wished, then, to always be like a child in the way I appreciate beauty.  That I might always gasp, and even gawk, sometimes, at the wonder of creation and the loveliness of the little things.  At least just take time to pause and soak in the glory of a wonder, albeit small.

I try to stay true to my resolve to never miss seeing something beautiful, when given the opportunity, but I laugh when I think about my walking down a hall with a group of girls in a church once; in the stark hallway, I was suddenly captured by a glimpse of pink sunset-clouds through a small window to my right and automatically started walking towards it, like metal to a magnet... even though the girl on my right kept going straight and suddenly a near collision was avoided by laughter.  Oh, good times...  There is, such a thing, I suppose, as being dangerously distracted by beauty.  :)

But, I'd rather be dangerously distracted, than to be  apathetically un-affected.  I want to be like the little girl, and not like the mom.

Don't you think that God must, sometimes, just bless us with some lovely something across our path, and so desire for us to stop and notice it as a gift from Him, and know His love, and then glorify Him?  It's just too precious to not stop and revel.


Beloved's Bride said...

Beautiful, Marianna!
OH you spoke to my heart! Love these words, "I'd rather be dangerously distracted, than to be apathetically un-affected!"

Amelia said...

Oh Marianna...This made me cry...

Perfectly written from your heart, and when I say the word - perfect. I mean perfect as in a perfect heart to the Lord Jesus.

I see the same things so many times and I think maybe that is why this is such a solitary walk many a day, many just. don't. get it.

Most people now days don't seem to care much and trample upon the real flowers in search of the fake plastic ones.

My heart wept for the little girl. I pray her mommy will stop and think and appreciate the beautiful gift of her little girl and within her little girl and that little girl will continue noticing the Beauty and not feel discouraged.

Busyness and the accolades of man (women) - such a vain trap! Oh Lord help us to SEE and live with no regrets!

May we all be that precious little girl...

Beautiful post!

Love you, ~Mom

MotherHen said...

Your Mom sent me your way, I just love this post!

Ryan said...

I doubt very much you will ever be that mother. You are too close to your Father, and as long as you ask, He will show you the good things He has made.

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Well, Marianna! I have followed your mom's blog for several months. She's one of my favorite people. Isn't it something how the Lord gives confirmed friends even though we may never lay physical eyes on them? I've known for a long time how much she loves her children. It is superbly obvious. So I just had to stop by and say "Hi!" and remind you how blessed you are to have had "lines drawn in pleasant places... a goodly heritage."

Your post is beautiful, as somehow, I know you are, too. God does bless us with "some lovely something across our paths," (great words!) and he wanted me to stop and notice your loveliness. You are a very talented writer with a perfectly beautiful flow of words, a rare jewel amongst our youth of today, who are so taken with the world and its false promises. The setting you described in your post is where I want to be in my mind's eye. It's where I want to write until my pages are full. You have all the proper tools (Bible and journal, laptop and pen) but you picked the setting, a place where you can people watch so God can use you the best and teach you the most. Glad he loves us with an intense love!

WinkAtTheCabDriver said...

Precious! Thank you! :)