Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's already August... how did that happen?  But it always seems to happen that way these adult years.  And by the time August roles around I am desperate for autumn to come chill the air and paint the trees.  Everything out of doors, and sometimes in, seems to be languishing under the triple digit temperatures we've been bearing all summer long now.  I'm thankful for air condition though... really really thankful. 

I have a Small Town Tale again... tonight, my grandmother wanted to take us sisters out to dinner; so kind of her.  Grandma wanted to go to Small Town, she hadn't been there in so so long.  Okay, great.  What do you want to eat?  Chinese?  Oh, well, there is "Hong Kong"... we'll try it.  

I knew Hong Kong was going to be an adventure when we drove up and saw, parked right in front so you couldn't miss it, a big truck (Texas is just overflowing with huge trucks) with "Hillbilly Deluxe" written on the front bumper.  Oh yes, this was going to be interesting.  And did I mention this place used to be an old gas station?  The car port that used to cover the gas pumps are still there and some cars take advantage of the shade and pull up underneath in lines around the concrete medians.  Perfectly normal and sensible, but of course.

Anyway, we walk in, and Mr. Hillbilly Deluxe Truck, living up to his name, is seated inside with Hillbilly family.  Hillbillies like Chinese food too, apparently.  Or at least this particular restaurant... here, the decor is quite... unique. There are no lights on yet, even though it is after 6pm, and it's noticeably warm inside.  All along the back wall are curtains.  Curious as to why the curtains were there, I saw that a silver handle stuck out of one of them: the curtains "hid" what used to be the refrigeration section of the convenience store.  Clever...?  Above the said curtains was a dead vine (apparently they forgot to water their potted ivy plant that it all trailed down to) stretched all the way across and above the line of curtains, held up by red yarn.  There were red velvet bows placed above some of the Asian pictures on the wall and here and there about the dead vine.  I would say they were decorating for Christmas in July, but I think they just forgot about them.  Country music played from a boom box behind the register.  On the wall was a poster board, bold sharpie letters indicating to please let them know if you're allergic to anything... with childrens stickers outlining the poster.   A lap top and printer sat at one of the booth tables; presumably that is there they conduct their bookwork. Our little waitress brought us each a blue plastic folder, all marked on the front with sharpie, "Hong Kong".  Inside was page protectors with printed pages of the menu, all held in, not by brads, but by various things, like yarn (they obviously adore the functionality of yarn), wire, and curly ribbon. 

After dinner, as we walked out, a couple-- the man with shaggy unkempt hair to his shoulders and baseball cap, and the woman sitting with her feet propped up on the opposite chair-- waited on their to-go order.  I tried not to notice their unique appearance, and I think they tried not to notice mine (I've decided that 'homeschool girl skirts' on young women aren't too popular in Small Town).

The food was decent though, and little Mexican lady who waited on us was kind; I think she may have been owner.  Between bites of eggroll, Michelle had whispered that she felt like she was on a mission trip- it was such a unique atmosphere.  But cultures are just so different as to what is considered acceptable, you know?  And we're dealing with two cultures at this little restaurant:  Mexican (who own a Chinese restaurant- ha!) and Hillbilly/Redneck (I assure you it is a culture in and of itself). And it's not that I think I'm better somehow because I would run a restaurant differently (although I certainly wouldn't charge for lemons!) I don't!  But you really just have to take joy and amusement from the differences.  It really was most amusing.   Red bows and rednecks, all in all, I really do like the town.  It's just so downright interesting and amusing whenever I visit there.

But still... you won't find me writing "Hillbilly Deluxe" on my littls car's front bumper.  It's kind of like, you gotta be in Redneckville, but not of, you know?  ;)

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