Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's been quite the busy weekend... I'm low on sleep and brain power, but it's a good sort of low.  I think Monday will actually prove to me more restful than the weekend this time around.

-We four sisters went to church this morning (Dad and Mom were tuckered out).  Lea and I went out to lunch with a upstanding group of young people from the church.  It was so... well, good in all the sense of the word.  Just a good wholesome time of both edification and laughter.  It is rare that I get to fellowship with people very close to my age and in the same life season, plus with similar convictions!  The Lord has been providing that a bit more lately and it's a blessing.

-You know you have found a good friend when you feel free to sample each others respective entrees at the restaurant.

-I know so many older single young women around my sister Lea's and my age- ones who are Godly and love the Lord.  Young women that I'm proud to be associated with by friendship.  I've wondered before why the Lord has not sent them husbands yet... but, I note that most of these friends are involved in ministry to younger girls through various means.  And I thought further, that wouldn't it be neat if God, in all of His wisdom, seeing the whole scope of time, and not just our life span alone, is allowing longer single years for us so that we all might leave a 'carbon footprint' (for lack of a better term) in the generation of women behind us?!  That's an exciting thought!  I don't pretend to assume that my theory is true, or to know all the purposes behind God's will, but I love that we all share the bond of desiring to be Titus 2 women to those younger than us (we can always minister to someone younger than us, no matter how young we are (within reason, of course).  And I appreciate that we can all encourage each other in that...

-A lunch today, we had to divide up into smaller tables because the restaurant, Chili's, couldn't provide tables bigger than for six, apparently.  So, at our little table we had five girls to one guy (girls always seem to outnumber the guys).  About twenty minutes into the visit the poor chap stopped us and explained that we had several topics of conversation going on between the five of us, and we all switch intermittently between them with no problem, but that he couldn't keep up.  I would have felt sorry for him, but I was too busy being amused.  The poor nuclear engineer had no sisters, so he was rather unversed on the art of women's conversational mental gymnastics.. and all five of us girls were from all all-girl families, so we didn't even realize what we were doing.  ha!  I so appreciate the differences between the male and female brains!  Neither is better, just different.  :)  But it's always interesting to notice the differences.

-The sermon today was about being a witness, as Christians, to the watching world... living above reproach in the practical things... to the people who see our credit scores and to the waitress we tip, in the way we drive and the way we talk when we're displeased.  It's all in the stream of what I've already been learning: strive to be blameless; tighten up the areas that are loose. 

-You can tell a lot about someone by what entertains them and what makes them laugh.  

-I am thankful for the little gifts of today:   the good sort of tears...  encouragement from unlikely sources...  dear dear friends that I got to see today...  the every-day blessings like food, water, safety, and life... songs sung with the family... grace for today... a promise of grace for tomorrow...

-'You word is a lamp unto my feet and a Light to my path. ... The entrance of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.' ~Ps. 119:105, 130


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LOL! Men tend to think of one thing at a time. Do one thing well. That's what you have to do if you want to be a nuclear engineer.