Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's Musings

-I'm sitting in my car waiting for Becs to get out of her ballet lesson.  The sun has set, now, and through my moon roof I see a navy satin sky with a three quarter moon.  It's beautiful.  I'm listening on the radio to "Méditation, from Massenet’s opera Thaïs, played by Dutch violinist Simone Lamsma" from Live at the Concert Hall in the Netherlands on our local NPR station.  I adore sentimental and/or melancholy violin music.  A lot.  It's amazing how music can change an atmosphere, in both good and bad ways.  I suppose that's one of the things I like most about music... that it sets a tone to whatever you're doing, and being the atmosphere-enthusiast that I am, I have a great appreciation for it.   For example, right now I am sitting outside of an average strip center in the city watching young girls dance inside, and drinking a cup of coffee from McDonalds (their coffee is rather good, actually).  Nothing especially wonderful about it, but listening to such gorgeous music and watching the moon and sky make it feel downright luxurious.  And it is luxury at it's finest... peace, music, coffee, and creation are great gifts from the Father of Lights. 

-I've ran errands this evening while she's been in class.  Actually, I shopped, although this spring I'd decided not to buy new clothes for a year, with a few exceptions: 1) that I buy something I've been thinking about needing for at least 2 weeks (in other words, no impulse buying because something is cute and on sale); 2) It really is something fabulous and I'd be crazy to pass it up (there have been a few of those); 3) It's maybe not something I've specifically thought about for two weeks, but I carefully think through it, and if I need it and a good price, then it's okay.   I did this so that 1) I will learn to live with less; 2) see what current clothes I really do and don't need; 3) learn to buy only things that I love or need.  Anyway, it's been a very good discipline for me and I've enjoyed it.  Tonight I bought only items I went in to look for, and that was good.

It's good to lose the weight of too much stuff, schedulewise, mentally, and materially...  I want to try to travel light, this journey.  It's a constant battle, but one worth fighting.  

-You know, my every-day-for-two-weeks writing challenge is up after tomorrow.  It's been an enjoyable discipline, and your comments along the way have cheered me very much.  I have written about many ridiculous things pertaining to my every-day life in an effort to just write, and you all have been very very kind and gracious about it.  Thank you. 

I'm thankful for:  blogger friends; many of my good friends I have met through blogging (we are not all 'creepy internet people')... good time spent with Becs this afternoon... a client who decided not to pursue a 'short sale' (thankYouthankYouthankYou)... feeling well enough to work out for the first time in over a month...  living near a Whole Foods store... a sound mind (generally speaking- I do have my moments where it could be questioned, but I've been thinking lately about those who suffer from mental illness... it is sad.)... music that stirs the soul... a sky that brightens the heart...  physical and spiritual protection... peace... hope...


Jane B. Gaddy said...

Just read your last two posts. I love the way you make lists. It is so you now! And that verse... "The entrance of thy word giveth light; it giveth understanding to the simple..." that so includes me. Sweet and thoughtful writing these two posts. You both inspire and bless me, Marianna.
Keep on, please!
Jane BG

4kids1mom said...

I have not ready many of your posts, but when I have more time I'll go back and read them. I agree with you about music (and McDonald's coffee :)) I'm trying to write more on my blog. I'm still a journal writer - and part of me isn't ready to let go of that.

Ryan said...

Just because the blogging everyday challenge is over, I hope it doesn't mean you plan to stop blogging.

I've made similar resolutions about buying books. I own too may books I haven't read. But when I do buy a new book it usually jumps to the top of my reading list and I finish it quickly. I have more than six hundred books in my room right now, and I plan on adding to them slowly as I go along. Eventually maybe I'll have a solid place to keep them all. But impulsive book buying I need to avoid.

Marianna said...

Thank you, Mrs. Jane! But I'm afraid it's you who inspire and bless me!! Thank you for that!

4kids1mom, I understand about being a journal writer... there really is something nice about a pen and paper, isn't there? I enjoy my personal journal writing too, but I am not very faithful to it. I think mostly because I am a little impatient and it is quicker for me to type. :P

Ryan, thanks! I will keep blogging, Lord willing... it helps keep me accountable to my own thoughts and ideas... and besides, y'all are just fun to hear feedback from. ;)

I have (if it were possible) too many books... and unlike clothes, they are almost impossible for me to get rid off. You've really got it bad though, because you move around so much. Book-boxes are heavy. :P