Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Response

Today my family and I attended The Response... it was both an event and an invitation issued by Governor Perry.  It was a corporate gathering with an invitation to respond to the need and scriptures calling for repentance, responding specifically to the promise that if God's people will turn from their wicked ways, He will heal their land.   Our nation is in crisis and I believe it's largely due to the state of the anemic American church.  Sin is running rampant and eating away our witness to a watching world, and most importantly, our right relationship with God.  30,000 people answered the call and gathered for day of prayer and fasting, many more at other locations.   Most of the event consisted of speakers, music, and corporate and individual prayer (I would have preferred more speakers and less music, and for that matter, a bit different music at times, but that's just my taste)... some of the people who prayed and spoke were Governors Perry (TX), Scott (FL), and Brownback (KS); Tony Evans, John Hagee,  Vonette Bright (widow of Bill Bright), David Barton, Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wildmon, and many others.

I dearly love this country but I worry for it and I hate that the majority votes pocketbook before values.  We're in a bad spot to say the least.  A 'crisis' they called it today.  It's true.  Morally and financially... but the moral decline happened first.  And that's what must be remedied first.   If each of the 30,000 folks who call themselves Christians (assuming they all do) who were there today would go home and heed two words "Obey God", can you imagine the ripple affect it would have?  Oh my!!  I pray it starts with me and all of us there... I've been feeling strongly that it's time to tighten up the loose ends and be blemishless and ready for whatever Jesus brings us in these uncertain times. 

I have great expectations of what God can do... but our response beyond today is vital... one day of repentant words isn't enough... it's got to be like this: you're going on the freeway to destruction (sin); you exit (confession); you go over the overpass (God's mercy and grace); and you go the other way (repentance), as per Dr. Tony Evans who shared today.  (I liked it the analogy :) )   I hope most people will do that after today... but...   I wish I didn't feel jaded about it though...  Sometimes you see too much, know too much... I want to be discerning and wise, but not cynical, you know?

Anyway, it's been another very long day and another early morning.  I'm sure I don't know if any of these thoughts connect in a cogent manner in the least, but I'm too tired to care.

But, I am not too tired to give thanks... I'm thankful for:  a Governor who openly professes that Jesus is his Lord, and who called the nation to a day of prayer and fasting (despite all the attacks that are sure to come when you stand for anything)...  leaders who approach God at His terms, not their own...  for those older Christians who have fought  hard battles, yet not caved, and now lead by example, my parents being some of them... walking up the the stadium from the parking lot along with hoards of people and hearing the name of Jesus over the loud speaker (they were broadcasting what was being spoken on the inside at the event)- I almost lost all my mascara right then and there- it was just so precious to hear the name of Jesus being boldly proclaimed across a loud speaker while looking up at the sky that He's going to come through one day...  I am so thankful that I love the name of Jesus more than I did last year; He brought me to a low and hard place so that I could know and love Him more, and that's what it's all about...


Amelia said...

Thanks so much Marianna for your words here, they are worth their weight in gold to me.

Love you! ~Mom

Jane B. Gaddy said...

I had to read one more, and then I must go find some sleepy. This was so good, especially the last paragraph. I know your feelings, my sweet young friend. I fit into the category of the "older Christians" and when I think I have fought hard battles, I know that there are those who have gone that extra hard mile to get this country where it needs to be. So many have dropped the ball or don't care in the least. I recently listened to one of the old men of faith who preached a sermon called... CAN GOD. "Can God spread a table in the wilderness? GOD CAN!" When we think that table has folded and no longer serving, we see that he comes where we are because of people like those you mention starting with Rick Perry. We need more of him, but we need more of you. You young people who believe that God can spread a table in the wilderness, for that is where America is in this hour.

"Bring our nation back, or come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Marianna said...

Thank you, Mom. Love you! <3

Mrs. Jane, that is one of my favorite verses- but one I hadn't thought of in a while- I'm so glad you reminded me of it! I know what you mean about so many dropping the ball... it can be discouraging, that's for sure. Until, we remind ourselves that a remnant is small. But, too, it makes me all the more grateful for those of you who have fought those battles and now are examples for me! I appreciate it... and I do pray that the Lord will raise up more Godly young people. and that He returns soon! amen to that prayer! <3