Thursday, August 4, 2011

~thursday thoughts~

-I volunteered Lea and I to build a chicken coop tonight.  I don't know the first thing about building a chicken coop. Neither does she.  I'm not sure if this is going to be a volunteer project we'll be able to follow through with or not...

-I've always wanted a horse... I would like to get one still.  I should.  I just don't know much about keeping a horse, unfortunately.  I could learn though...of course, there are several other issues besides my ignorance that work against this idea.

-While I worked, I listened to an audio about keeping bees today; that seems like it'd be doable, with just a bit of guidance.  How nice would it be to have fresh raw honey from your own bees?!

-We made another batch of jam; strawberry-lime this time.  It's rather good, if I do say so myself, and they all sealed properly.  Canning salsa is going to be my next adventure.  This stuff is fun... you should try it sometimes.

-The fam and I watched Roy Rogers "My Pal Trigger" tonight.  Roy, Dale, and Trigger are all adorable.

-I long for a more wholesome era when people appreciated sweet entertainment... where little boys could pretend to be Roy and no one said they shouldn't be playing with toy guns, and more little girls aspired to be mothers when they grew up.

-My prayer lately is that each gift of a day might be a gift back to Him.   I'm trying to be intentional about it.

 -The world's noise and everything that calls for my attention is so loud... the invisible things are easily drowned out.  It's a constant battle. 

-I'm beginning to see more and more every day, with each new report of a Christian leader falling and setting a bad example how lethal compromise is.  It reminds me of the story I heard as a child about the the little dutch boy and the dyke... how he kept his finger in hole of the dyke to prevent sure flooding and destruction.  I see Christians walking away from their vigil so often; they're compromising in a small way first, but it ultimately leads to destruction to their testimony and often, I believe, their souls.  Jesus said, "keep watch".   {Lord, please send whatever it takes to keep me from compromise!}

-I am thankful for these gifts that filled my day:  ceiling fans... breezes on hot days... homemade peach pie and homemade ice cream... a pool that finally got put up (August is better than never)... a beautiful cup of coffee this morning... a fun family... time spent with said fun family... a bedrock of promises to on which to cast the anchor of my soul... because of that, I will rest peacefully tonight and wake up with joy in the morning...


Ryan said...

Definitely do the bees at least. My Uncle is a city boy and a banker, with no farming or building experience whatsoever, but he wanted to find a way to provide extra food and money for his wife and kids that didn't depend on other people's whims. And he was looking for something manly to do. Sometimes guys just need to do something manly, you know? So he went and got some books and read through them, and next thing you know he and my Aunt and the kids had built a chicken coop and a beehive. You can check out their stuff here: Building a chicken coop is too eeasy. You'll have fun.

Honey is a great thing too. To this day, no one fully understands how bees make honey, but local honey can help with local allergies (since it comes from the flowers and contains a lot of the same allergens), it is the only animal product that has no protein or fat in it whatsoever. It never goes bad. You can drop a drop of honey on the table and leave it there for 20 years (I know you are too much of a housekeeper actually to do that, but hypothetically) and it would still be good. It makes the best dressing we know of for infected wounds. Once again, no one knows how it works, but honey in a wound bed not only prevents infection, but can actually halt an infection in progress. Red Cross war surgeons use it all the time when they can get it. It is truly one of the marvels of God's creation.

I don't know much about horses, except that they require a lot of maintenance. You really either have to need them or love them, because they eat a lot, don't produce a product that offsets the cost of their upkeep, and some breeds tend to get sick a lot. If you like them, then it's worth it. But you're in Texas. You are probably surrounded by horsey people. Definitely talk to some people, don't just read about it.

Long comment, but this was a great post. Never compromise. But try to understand. No one sets out to fall, but it happens one little bit at a time. I try to understand them from their point of view, as they see themselves, and the more I succeed, the more I realize that no one sets out to be evil. They just didn't set out to be good. I then look at myself, trying to see myself the way God sees me, and I know that most of the time I don't set out to be good either. St. Augustine's prayer, "There, but for the grace of God, go I," was spoken with the deep insight of a great sinner, so when he repented he was able to be compassionate like no one else. I must have that kind of knowledge of my own weakness, to the point where I see my weakness in every sinner I meet, and nothing but God's strength in the fact that I have not sinned quite to that level yet. This is especially true from a warrior's point of view, but this comment is already long, and that's a tangent.

I enjoy reading these very much. You have good taste in life.

TexasLady said...

To Ryan: I enjoyed reading your comment. That's fasinating about the honey being used for wounds.

To Marianna: My Pal Trigger!!! I'm so proud of ya'll. We watched that a million times growing up : )

"some boots, some boots, ya got to have some boots, then you'll be livin' western style" I love this song from the movie

Canning and chickens, you really have gone country. The chicken coop will be easy to look up, they probably have a youtube video.

Ryan's right about the horses, talk to people, but if you also want a book to read I've got one : ) . I've been dreaming of owning a horse all my life.


Nama said...

Marianna, I SO enjoyed reading your musings today. Thanks for sharing your life with us! We have raised chickens and loved it. They're not too difficult as far as upkeep, but cleaning out the coop can be rather challenging (get a mask for your nose and mouth, lol). Having fresh, organic eggs & the option of meat as well (if you invest in a duel type of chicken) is awesome! I can't wait to see what kind of coop you come up with. Good for you.....rising to the challenge of something new & different. I know you can do it!
Horses are awesome and amazing creatures. We don't own them, but we have spent a lot of time at the local stables and the kids have gotten to experience every aspect of horsemanship from grooming, to mucking out stalls, to ground work, to riding, to performing and it's been very good for them. The grooming, mucking, feeding & ground work take up most of the time with minimal amounts of riding so they are now well versed in horsemanship & know what to expect if they ever choose to own horses. It's a great way to start, if you have a local stable where you can learn before purchasing.
I really enjoyed reading Ryan's post as well. Excellent stuff from both of you!

Marianna said...

Wow! These are great comments! I want to reply to them tomorrow, and I will, when I have more brain power (which isn't tonight, unfortunately!). In the mean time, thanks so much!! :)

Marianna said...

Ryan, that is very helpful to know about the bees! and the chicken coop! I have renewed faith that we can do this chicken coop thing, AND that bees are a good option; you are the second person to tell me that they are easy. Now I've got to figure out how to go about getting started with these two things...

I knew a lot about the benefits of raw honey, but I had no idea you could put it in a wound! Interesting!! Speaking of natural remedies, did you know that cayenne will cleanse a wound and stop the bleeding? It can be taken internally for a bloody nose and it also helps heart health. Anyway, honey and all of God's natural medicine... good stuff and interesting.

I'll have to look up some "horsey people". :D I don't think I need a horse, but I might love one... although my sister informs me that I don't have time for one. As much as I hate to admit it, she might actually be right... I don't know yet.

Regarding compromise, it's true! No one sets out to fail... which is why we need to be all the more on vigil. Satan is so durn sneaky. And you're right, none of us are above failing... and I try to always keep it in mind... but at the same time, it's so disappointing when people let their guard down and then seeing where that leads them. It helps the rest of us to walk all the more carefully though.

Saying that I have good taste in life is a very fine compliment indeed- thank you!

Hi Marci! I remember that song in the movie! So great. :D I will look up a youtube about chicken coops... my rancher friends have a GIANT one at their grass farm, and I'd love to make one of those, but... not sure that Lea and my skill levels are up to it. ;)

If I do get a horse, you'd be welcome to come over and visit with it! And thank you for the offer of the book!

Thank you for your sweet comment, Mrs. Jana! And for the chicken coop advice! I will post a pic when we finish it! Should be interesting. ;) It's also really good idea to check out a local stable... I'll have to do that...

Thanks again for the great comments, y'all! I so enjoyed and appreciate them!!!