Monday, August 1, 2011

-This Monday morning started out stressful.  But the Lord was so gracious to reverse the trend after I asked.

-I worked from home until noon, and then again some this evening.  I got to tell someone the landlord would allow them to lease the home they wanted, despite bad credit; I adore being the bearer of such good news. It almost makes up for all the times I've had to be the bearer of the bad.   Almost.

-When I wasn't working from home, Mom and I took a jaunt to Small Town for some groceries.  It was such a great afternoon... in Small Town there is a slower pace of life; people are kinder and more humble.  Luxury cars don't line the parking lots like they do in Big City, the people have time to stop and chat.  It's relatively not far from Big City, but may as well be hundreds of miles away- a different world entirely.  Mom and I love running errands there, and during out shopping, I'd so often 'lose' my mother as we'd branch apart to get things faster, and I'd find her chatting with some clerk or fellow customer.  Fellowship time, right there standing next to the tortillas, or praise report time right there with the other ladies in the checkout line.  So great.  :)  That's one thing I so appreciate about my parents: they love to talk to strangers; they are always kind to whoever the Lord puts in their path, whether it be store clerk, waiter, or fellow shopper on the baking aisle.  Not only are they kind to them, but they are always quick to share about the Hope that is in them.  Just the other day I came driving down the driveway and Dad was standing there talking to the man who'd brought us our load of driveway-gravel.  When I got inside, I looked back outside through the window and saw both men clasping hands, heads down, praying, right out there in the driveway.  This is typical of both of my parents; I so appreciate that.  They are missionaries wherever they go.  Anyway, back to today, Mom and I spent longer than planned in Small Town running errands at the small Wal-Mart and old fashioned little grocery store, we were just having such a great time.  We always feel like we stick out a bit in Small Town, we don't really look like a local; we don't mind, as long as the stares aren't of the rude variety.  We even made a drink and snack stop at Sonic; behind Sonic is someone's yard where they keep a horse, and the biggest longhorn cow I've ever seen.  Seriously, he is mammoth.  Where else can you go and eat fast food and watch a ginormous long horn at the same time, I ask you?

-My favorite part of the trip was a dear little lady at the grocery store.  She was fixed up with her beaded necklace and blouse, but was so frail that during the time we were there I saw at least five people ask her if she needed help with something or another (to which she would so kindly and sweetly reply that she was fine, but she sure did appreciate the offer).  We too, asked her at one point, as she struggled to shut the freezer door and hang on to her cart at the same time, if she needed any help, and also asked her about her shoes.  You see, during the course of filling up a grocery cart high, right by the potatoes I'd seen a pair of black house slippers, abandoned, as if their owner had suddenly been raptured into thin air.  I'd assumed they were hers, and told Mom about it.  Mom told her, "Now, you know that your shoes are over there by the produce, right?" (said in the most warm southern way possible)  Oh yes, she replied, arthritis kicks in and it's just best to leave the durn things, she informed us.  She went on to say that she was not standing in the line of people asking the Lord to let them live to be 100.  She wanted to go to Heaven and rest.  Besides that, eating carrots and mashed potatoes wasn't her idea of living, no sir.  She likes spicy foods,  by golly.  This beautiful soul bore her physical trials with so much grace and so much joy; she just lit up the whole store hobbling around, clinging to her basket, smiling the whole time... all in tan little socks.  What a blessing in my day her joyful spirit was.

-Beyond these fun happenings, I did something tonight that I've been wanting to do for a long time.  Like for my whole 26 year career as a human being (practically). I made my very first batch of jam.  That's right, I CANNED SOMETHING.  AND THEY SEALED FIRST TRY.   I have always wanted the satisfaction of jars on the counter, filled with something I'd canned.  And tonight, after dinner, Becs and I set our hand to it, and we did it!  Five gorgeous jars of strawberry preserves now sit on the kitchen counter cooling downstairs, and my homemaking heart is happy and proud.  I make no apologies for getting excited about this, even if it does sounds oldmaidish.  I foresee many adventures ahead with this; so many recipes to try (all my friends will get a jar come Christmas- haha).

-Also today, I knocked on a door regarding a possible career change.  I'd been waiting months to do it, until I had perfect peace about it.  Today I did.  I sent the email, and now I'll wait to see what God does.

-This is a very long post, and I should stop now.  It's good to journal these every-day-joys-in-the-journey though... it's like showing off a gift to bring glory to the Giver.  All these things were some of the gifts of today.  The beauty in the ordinary-everyday... I don't want to let it go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Gifts of grace are worthy of lingering over.

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Amelia said...

Oh Marianna, this is the sweetest post ever. I just love Smalltown, it is such a most special place. Many treasures there if we just take notice. : ) I think I may have even talked with a "Mrs. Blount" that day in the return line at walmart. I think it's such a shame when folks move out here and they don't stop to enjoy Smalltown and instead keep traversing back to Vanity Fair. Such a relaxing lovely place is Smalltown, many don't stop to enjoy the real roses, they want the artificial. Just the drive to Smalltown is like stepping into a beautiful painting...We are blessed and I am especially blessed to have you to go shopping with! Dad and I had such a nice time on datenight going out that way last night, so fun, just so fun. : )

Love you, ~Mom